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WORDS given by ruben_C83

The five words that ruben has given me are  Slash  Alternate,  love  bliss and loyalty.   I really enjoy reading slash stories mostly for at least right now with  Sam/Jared and Dean/Jensen in them.  As far as my talent for writing it will have to remain in the confines of my entries, my skill at it is very poor.  You could say I live an alternate live style but since I'm single no one would really notice.  As far as love goes,   Ruben has really given me some words that reveal parts of me that no ones knows about.  Yes back to love,  mostly my family and I have 4 friends back in Minnesota that do care a great deal about me.  I'm moved to Missouri to be closer to family.  Bliss have not felt that in a while but wait  some of the slash stories that I have read get me close to that.  Thank you all for that.  Loyalty,  I guess you could say I'm pretty loyal,  loyal to my family and to the friends that I do have. 

Words from jennybliss

This is my first posting in my journal so bare with me.  Jennybliss sent me five words, Supernatural,  friendship,  family,  slash and Missouri.  These words mean to me are.  Supernatural, a show that at times have moved me to tears due to the love that the brothers have for one another (not the fanfic kind).  They would do anything for them.  Sorry I'm not going to go in order,  Missouri is the state I had just moved to about a year ago why my brother and his family live here and I wanted to be closer to them.  Family, well that is why I'm here in Boonville pop  8,000.   The downside is friendship,  I left all of my friends back in Minnesota and since Boonville is a small town everyone is kind of tight knitted and it is hard to make friends here but that is ok,  I got family.  Last slash, I really enjoy reading the slash stories with Dean and Sam both the AU ones and the ones that follow the storyline of Supernatural.  Now I wonder if the creator might have had this in mind when he created the charactors of Dean and Sam because they would do anything for one another and there love for one another goes very deep?  hmmm.  Well that is it


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